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Advisory Board Terms of Reference

York University Business Continuity Planning Toolkit Advisory Board (YUBCPT Advisory Board)
Terms of Reference

A) Background

The York University Business Continuity Planning Toolkit (YUBCPT) aims to develop and implement a business continuity planning toolkit (YUBCPT) by faculty, students, alumni, and volunteer experts to be freely available to small businesses in Canada. YUBCPT is a unique university-based business continuity planning training and experiential education project that enables small business in Canada to easily prepare and implement their business continuity plans. The YUBCPT is a highly interactive, training and capacity building project that encompasses: periodic in campus training workshops at York University; on-site training and support, and online training and education.
York University Business Continuity Planning Toolkit (YUBCPT) has a professional advisory board that provides advice and guidance to the YUBCPT developer team to help ensure that the YUBCPT achieves its stated goals and objectives.

B) Advisory Board Composition

  • YUBCPT Advisory Board should be composed of members with sufficient expertise to cover the breadth of the service offered by the YUBCPT project.
  • YUBCPT Advisory Board consists of 15 to 20 volunteer members.
  • YUBCPT project team leader functions as the Chair of the YUBCPT Advisory Board.
  • YUBCPT membership is open to individuals, private and public organizations’ representatives from across Canada.

C) Mandate

The mandate of the YUBCPT Advisory Board is to provide advice and guidance to the YUBCPT developer’s team to help ensure that the YUBCPT achieves its stated goals and objectives.
To accomplish its mandate the YUBCPT Advisory Board should:

  • Act as a sounding board for the YUBCPT, by providing strategic advice and direction to aid the YUBCPT in achieving its long-term objectives.
  • Provide advice and comments to the YUBCPT Developer Team as the toolkit is being developed.
  • Review the YUBCPT’s progress.
  • Aadvocate for the use of YUBCPT.

D) Administration and Organization

D1) Timing

  • The YUBCPT Advisory Board meets with the YUBCPT team two times a year using online methods. The Chair of the Advisory Board will call these meetings. Additional meetings may be called as required.
  • The YUBCPT Advisory Board uses the online discussion forum to discuss and share the information between the regular meetings.

D2) Responsibilities of the Chair

The Chair of YUBCPT Advisory Board is responsible for:

  • Working with the YUBCPT team to develop meeting agendas for YUBCPT Advisory Board meetings;
  • Chairing the meeting;
  • Working with other members of YUBCPT Advisory Board to prepare a written report of the meeting, which includes specific recommendations to YUBCPT Developer team and action items arising from the meeting;

E) Terms of Appointment of New Members

  • YUBCPT Advisory Board Members are academics, professionals, and practitioners with experience in the fields of business continuity and emergency management and interested in promoting business continuity culture in Canada.
  • Members of YUBCPT Advisory Board will be appointed for two years with possibility for renewals.
  • Changes in YUBCPT Advisory Board membership may occur every two years by the YUBCPT Developer team.
  • Inactive members (no contribution to the online forums or no participation in online meetings for one year) will be replaced with new members.